Discover How To Get Your Lovemaking Healthy

These guidelines must be understood for what they are: they are guidelines that you may notify to suit your special circumstance.It must be without rulesWhen rules are applied in lovemaking, they break the flow of the sexual energy tat flows between the two partners. Instead of melting in the act and responding spontaneously to the vibrations of your partner, you will be thinking of what part of the rules must be obeyed. Make it comfortable and spontaneous.Make it a divine celebrationIt is the channel for your incarnation to this earth. Respect it, revere it, adore it and in its ecstasy, utter a sacred prayer to the Master creator with whom you are a co-creator. Prepare your room with whatever inspire divinity in you: the photograph of Jesus, Krishna or whoever your spiritual mentor may be.Light a candle, light a stick of incense if these inspire further divinity in you. Hold hands and pray together, and give your lovemaking a divine intention or purpose. The power that can create human beings can create feast of celebration with angels and allow your ecstasies to out-sing the lark and the nightingale, ringing a cadence that will compel high heavens to attend to a planetary need.Make it a journey discoveryThis is the never-ending journey in which you discover, each day, in your partner, something new. There is something wonderful happening in each one of us daily; the glory of God is transforming each one of us daily into the wonder of His own self.Go beyond reason and rationalizationYour mind is a machine perfect enough to handle calculus but not given to circumscribe God, discover Him or fully understand Him. We go beyond the mind to know God and we certainly go beyond the mind to experience the fullness of lovemaking. Leave memory behind and be in the present now with life’s mystery of love. You are touching pleasure that is spiritual.

There must be techniquesSex becomes a demonstration when attention is concentrated on observing specific techniques. There is no need for rehearsals; after all, all you are not going to prove anything to anybody. Your only duty here is to give out joy and receive joy in return. You give out joy best when you first get pleasure from it and make yourself more vulnerable to more enjoyment. He greater the joy you allow yourself to have, the greater joy you instinctively and spontaneously give out to your partner. Assume spontaneous and comfortable positions.When you allow yourself to enjoy the moment with a thirst and consumptive eagerness to receive more of it, varying your positions to give out more pleasure to your partner will be spontaneous. When you find a varied position painful, it could be that you have gone off the joy required, or that you have a sincere medical problem that makes it that painful.Identify what you value in your partnerAs partners, we would not know each other thoroughly; being human, we keep on changing everyday. Our values also keep on changing. But as partners take time to recognize that which is beautiful, and acknowledge it to each other. Identify what God is making available for your use in the values revealed to you. Make each entry you give or receive discover something new and touch a wellspring of infinite beauty in your partner.Use devices that sets your passion on fireYou may use dim lights, music and perfume. The universe is a bundle of spiritual electro-magnetic waves or vibrations. The human body is a constant vibrating centre and so responds sympathetically or anti-pathetically to other forms of vibrations. The effects of light and its varying colours cannot be over-stressed. Other object on the psyche. Dim lights encourage concentration; they free you from constant distractions and have the effect of directing your attention to yourself.That is where you begin lovemaking – from within. Other coloured lights, blue or red, for example, have sensuous effects on your psyche and make you want to set passions on fire and, like rockets, fire them into space until they touch the ineffable. Use everything possible that is maximally safe to give you a leap.Take time to discover your bodiesIs your body not the temple of the living God? Take time to discover it. Do not hope to fully discover it in a lifetime. God has blessed it with infinite treasures. The Bible in revelation describes it as the casket with seven locks. You will be infinitely unlocking each other’s body and discovering something new. Sex does not begin and end with penetration of the female organ by male organ. The whole of your life is sex and all of it must be enjoyed. Sex may begin and end without penetration of the woman by the male organ. It is a feast of enjoyment of each other’s fullness, so take all the time available to you to enjoy every part of your bodies.You may start from the head, toe or the stomach and may discover the beauty in her stretch marks – that wonder sign which indicates that life once came out of such holy lovemaking. Discover the beauty of the contours of his face or the ruggedness of his body and know how life is crying to be expressed in his body as free energy. As you do this, you will soon discover what an extraordinary being you have in your partner and you will be grateful to God for this gift of infinite divine pleasure.

Every Act Must Be The First TimeHow dull, uneventful and tiring sex will be if it is a continuation or a repeat of the old! Surely it is not! If, in each lovemaking, no matter how often it is done in a day, you don’t feel like it is the first time; if you don’t feel the freshness of each mating, then you are in desperate need of rehabilitation and you have defile your souls. Have you wondered why a man may marry a woman with six children and will from the first day of the relationship not want another man, not even the woman’s earlier husband, to see the nakedness of his woman?It is because the woman is perpetually new; as a woman, you are a virgin everyday, a fresh rose whose fragrance is to be sucked in and enjoyed. Have you wondered why you will not take it for granted and show your nakedness to your former boyfriend? It is because you are new; not the same girl he had yesterday. Like a running river, your position always changes and man may not step in the same bit of water twice. You bath in fresh water daily, so enjoy your partner’s sublime freshness as though it is the first time.